Organising team

Date & Time

The next meetup will be on October 11th, from 6pm.

On an ongoing basis meetups will be on the second Tuesday of each month.


The venue is King O'Malley’s Irish Pub. They are located at 131 City Walk, Canberra. We have a function room booked for the event each month.

How to prepare?

  1. Bring a laptop along on the night, don’t forget your power adapter!
  2. Install a VM hypervisor on your laptop. Virtual box is a good free choice. You can download that here.
  3. You can either install a VM such as Kali which is free and avaliable here to work from, or we will have a virtual machine image for you to install on the night.
  4. We will have Wi-Fi avaliable, but otherwise you can bring along an ethernet cable for a hardwired connection.
  5. People will be more than happy to give you a hand on the night, but be aware there will only be internet you provide avaliable (i.e. phone tethering).

If you rock up with a laptop and a way of running virtual machines you’ll be okay to go on the night.

Looking to speak?

Whether it is a lightning talk, 10min short presentation, or an hour long hands-on workshop, whether it is your first time to present, SecTalks is great place to get feedback and improve on. Fill out a SecTalks CFP form.

How to join

SecTalks is always open to anyone who is keen to learn infosec. We run a mix of meetups for both beginners and people with experience.

I am l33t!

If you are l33t, you may want to solve our l33t entry challenge to get yourself on our l33t mailing list. There is no harm, trying it.

What is the l33t entry challenge?

  1. Follow sectalkscbr on Twitter.
  2. DM “I am l33t” to @SecTalksCbr.
  3. The challenge details will be DMed back to you.
  4. Have fun and email us the flag.