Twitter: @sectalks_ADL
Meetup: SecTalks Adelaide

Organising team

@vortexau - James McLean
@jakegallyer - Jake Gallyer
@JakobTheDev - Jakob Pennington
@JoshSchwarz - Josh Schwartz
@marc_cybersec - Marc Sleeman

Date & Time

New Date
We usually run the meetup on the second Tuesday of every month. This may change, so keep an eye on the Meetup page for updates.


New Location
We have relocated to the second floor of the Belgian Beer Cafe Oostende at 27-29 Ebenezer Place.

Looking to present?

If you have an idea for a presentation, workshop, demonstration or challenge you would like to present or see presented, you can submit your idea here or get in touch with one of the organisers.

Upcoming meetup

Follow us at @sectalks_ADL and join the Meetup for announcements.

How to join

RSVP via Meetup, all are welcome. New to security? You’re welcome to attend. All you need is an interest.

Previous events

Slides for previous talks can be found on the SecTalks GitHub repo.

  • 0x21 - Introduction to Threat Hunting - Rahul Anand
  • 0x20 - SecTalks Adelaide Christmas Drinks
  • 0x19 - SecTalks Live 2019 - The Changing Landscape of Web Tooling
  • 0x18 - Securiy in a Box: The Poor Person’s Guide to Security - Tim Peters (@imp0st3r) - Twitter - Slides
  • 0x17 - Online Voting and DDOS Mitigation: The Story of iVote WA 2017 - Mark Eldridge (@markeldo) - Twitter - Slides
  • 0x16 - Being Right Every Time: A Blue Team Intro - Josh Schwartz (@kazpajosh) - Twitter
  • 0x15 - Adventures in Active Directory Exploration - Marc Sleeman (@st0rm) - Twitter - Videos
  • 0x14 - SQL Injection Primer and Workshop - James McLean (@vortex) - Twitter - Slides
  • 0x13 - Cross-Site Scripting meets Modern Web Technologies - Jakob Pennington (@JakobTheDev) - Twitter - Slides