Online Ninja Night

Online Ninja Night is similar to the Ninja Night but we team up and play it online. Online Ninja Night is great way to team up with SecTalks members in other cities.


NN0x00: Sunday, 20 September 2015 at 2PM AEST (11am AWST)


Online at, (private channel)

##Who can play?

This session is only available to SecTalks members in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

##How to register?

Instruction will be sent through SecTalks members mailing list.

How to play?

  • The instruction to get the CTF will be send out earlier to the event date.
  • Be online 30min before at #sectalks IRC channel
  • You will be invited to a private channel.
  • 15min before start, we send out a message with your name and your team name.
  • CTF will be sent out and you team have 60min to solve it.


Send the flag in the same IRC channel

##Winning team

The winning team will create the next 60min CTF challenge and submit a short write-up on their solution.

##What if I get online late?

Send a private message to the channel moderator

##Can I use a different IRC nick than the one I registered?

Unregistered IRC nicknames will be kicked out

##Where to send the write-up

As usual, pull and push a commit to SecTalks github account.

Would it be any hints?

Hints will be send out on regular basis within the channel.