SecTalks is a non-profit session for technical security talks, and hands-on security challenges! A forum to learn & discuss technical (in)security stuff.


SecTalks meetups are about participating in IT security discussions, learning from others, and improving problem-solving skills. SecTalks offers an avenue where you can team up with like-minded people to participate in solving technical IT security challenges (i.e. Capture The Flag).

Through SecTalks CTFs, people learn and share solutions. The goal is not to just award winners but to allow people to understand the problems find solutions.


SecTalks has three formats: Talk & long CTF, Talk & short CTF, and a Ninja Night. Read more here.


SecTalks is a 100% organic voluntary effort, organised by teams of passionate individuals and supported by a community of great people. It is a community for people with different skillsets e.g. ops, devs, sysadmins, security researchers etc.


SecTalks is organised in the following cities. Visit each city page to know more about upcoming events and instructions to attend:


For event calendar in your local timezone, please visit the above city pages.

Get in touch

You can either contact SecTalks organiser in your local area or reach us at

‘No bullshit!’ clause

The ‘no bullshit’ clause means the SecTalks organising team strictly keeps SecTalks away from bullshit (politics, vendor pitch, harassment, etc.). For more details, check our Code of Conduct.


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