Organising team

Pengfei Li, @lpf37777514, Email

Date & Time

The first sectalk_beijng meetup will be held at 7:00- 8:30 pm February 24th 2017


We will hold the first meetup at Block B No.4 Wangjing East Road Chaoyang District Beijing.

Want to speak?

Whether it is a lightning talk, 10min short presentation, or an hour long hands-on workshop, whether it is your first time to present, SecTalks is great place to get feedback and improve on. Fill up SecTalks CFP form.


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Upcoming meetup

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How to join

SecTalks is always open to anyone who is keen to learn infosec. We run a mix of meetups for both beginners and people with experience.You can register this meetup at huodongxing