Organising team

Date & Time

Forth Thursday of each month at 6pm.

For details of each session visit our Meetup page


Brisbane. The specific location will be revealed to members via the members’ mailing list.

Upcoming meetup

Details of upcoming session will be sent to members mailing list and also posted on our Meetup group.

How to join

We always like to get more awesome people in. Simply join the Meetup group, and RSVP to the sessions that you want to attend. You may also want to follow @sectalks_BNE on Twitter.

But I am new to security, can I still join?

YES! SecTalks is always open to anyone who is keen to learn hands-on infosec. There will be people willing to mentor you on the day, and you’ll be solving CTF’s in no time flat.

I am l33t!

If you are l33t, you may want to solve our l33t entry challenge to get yourself on our l33t mailing list. There is no harm, trying it.

What is the l33t entry challenge?

  1. Follow @sectalks_BNE on Twitter.
  2. Tweet “@sectalks_BNE, V nz y33g…”.
  3. The challenge details will be DMed to you.
  4. Have fun and email us the flag.

Note: Twitter doesn’t allow for DM, if you don’t follow @sectalks_BNE.



Oz Hack: 12 month venue sponsor for SecTalks Brisbane.


SpiderLabs: 12 month catering co-sponsor for SecTalks Brisbane.
PwC: 12 month catering co-sponsor for SecTalks Brisbane.

CTF Prizes

Oz Hack: 6 month CTF prizes for SecTalks Brisbane.


AusCERT: T-shirt sponsor for SecTalks Brisbane.


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