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Date & Time

SecTalks Canberra is held on the second Tuesday of each month. Check out the Meetup page for the latest details and to RSVP.




SecTalks Canberra is currently without a fixed home and will instead be a super underground infosec collective - or you can just check on Meetup/Twitter to see where we’ll be this month :)


Fifth Domain

Fifth Domain

Airglow Security

Airglow Security




  1. Please bring a laptop along on the night (and your power adapter)
  2. Install a hypervisor on your laptop. VirtualBox is a good free choice. You can download that here.
  3. Grab a copy of Kali - avaliable here.
  4. Internet is available! (but please run updates for your host OS and any VMs before coming along, so you don’t chew up bandwidth)
  5. People will be more than happy to give you a hand on the night if you’re not confident with virtualisation.

tl;dr - if you rock up with a laptop and a way of running virtual machines you’ll be okay to go on the night.

Want to Speak or Present?

Whether it is a lightning talk, an introduction to a tool or concept, or a hands-on workshop, SecTalks is great place to get feedback and improve on. We encourage first-time speakers and anyone who would like to share their knowledge with the community to get in touch via Twitter or just talking to an organiser after a meetup.

Joining Us

SecTalks is always open to anyone who is keen to learn information security. It’s a community event for students, professionals, hobbyists, curious people and anyone in between. Our community engagements will always be free for participants.

Please check out the Code of Conduct.