There may be a technical security presentation. Details are to be determined.

The main event will be the Capture the Flag (CTF). Whether you are a guru at CTFs or a complete beginner, you should have some fun.

Here are some thing to take note of:

  1. Bring your laptop. Maybe an extension cord. A few powerboards for the group would be useful too.
  2. Internet access will probably not be provided. You may want to bring your own wifi dongles or tether to your iPwns.
  3. Based on the number of participates, the group may be randomly divided into teams. PREPARE TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS. We will try to team up beginners with gurus. Those that want to go solo are still welcome to do so.
  4. This is a learning exercise for everyone. The idea is to think about problems, make friends and have fun. Don’t treat it like a competition (too much).
  5. Participation in this CTF is under the condition that the winning team organises the next CTF. If you don’t feel you are up to the challenge of designing a CTF, that’s fine - just call for volunteers (there are already 1 or 2 people willing to design a CTF for SecTalks Brisbane). Also, a good idea is for the winning team to give a short presentation on how they solved the CTF, at the next meeting. Again, no pressure or compulsion to do so. 6. The winner will win the praise and admiration of fellow SecTalks Brisbane attendees. Gentle prods and advice will be offered during the session to move things along if people get stuck. The goal is to learn, not to beat your head against a wall for days on end.
  6. Have fun. Learn. Mentor if you are able to. Participate, or just socialise. This is supposed to be a fun, learning event for the security and hacker community.