0x08 (Ninth session)

#1 pwning meat: the impact of social engineering Some of us exploit machines. When it’s all over, the experience drops out of RAM and the machine goes about its business. Some of us exploit people, and while people also have electrically erasable memory, the method is generally frowned upon. What risks do social engineers take with their subjects? Can SE ever be considered white hat? Under what circumstances? This SecTalks will be a discussion. The presenter is not an ethicist or a social engineer, so bring your ideas and opinions to share with everyone. by Chris

#2 Solution(s) to Challenge 0x06 (if anyone can solve it) [if no one is able to solve, we will run for a 2nd month. I expect the panel will take up enough time]

Beer donations are always appreciated - we have enough for this session. save your donations for 0x09

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