SYD0x04 (5th session)

#1 When full is only 99.9% full.

A slight update to a presentation given at Wrong Island Con in December 2014. Useful for penetration testers and those considering security controls for a fleet of Linux workstations or laptops. A tale about two days worth of effort looking at Linux’s /boot partition. It wasn’t what I expected and there’s some fun to be had. Briefly discusses why even Secure Boot as currently implemented in modern Linux distributions may not save you from at least one useful trick.

by ls (ls wasn’t creative enough to be a web developer. He also wasn’t evil enough to work with baby killers forever. So now he’s content just hoarding everyone’s data for the foreseeable future.)

#2 Challenge SYD0x04 - bring your gears+3g! (no laptop => no CTF!) by Shub