SYD0x06 (7th session)

D&T: 15 April 2015, 6:00PM Venue: Pwc. Darling Park Tower 2 201 Sussex Street Sydney, NSW

RSVP with your FULL NAME either by replying to this email or at (we require your fullname for the attendee list that we send to PwC reception desk prior to the meeting)

#1 These aren’t Androids you’re looking for. Android is being pushed inside almost everything these days, people say to make things “smart”. We tend to do more and more things on our phones, something used only to make calls (and play snake) some time ago, now is used to make bank transfers, store personal files and who knows what more. These small devices tend to get more and more power, but with great power comes great responsibility. The aim of this talk is to look on Android through security lens and check what’s there to see by @PentestsPL

#2 Challenge SYD0x06 - bring your gears+3g! (no laptop => no CTF!)

#3 After the event drinks Assembly Bar, 488 Kent Street, Sydney NSW