SYD0x07 (8th session)

D&T: 20 May 2015, 6:00PM Venue: Pwc. Darling Park Tower 2 201 Sussex Street Sydney, NSW

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#1 i <3 runtime tracing While runtime debugging has existed since breakpoints, this has always been a laborious and difficult process, and one that scales poorly with project size: the bigger the debugging task, the exponentially more time you need to spend identifying areas of interest. This is a technical presentation about a new tool for tracing process execution in Windows environments, and work currently underway in visualising process execution – what it does, how it works, and where it might be applied, including live demos (fingers crossed!). by TBA :)

#2 60minutes CTF SYD0x07 Bring your gears+3g connection! (no laptop => no CTF!)

#3 After the event drinks Assembly Bar, 488 Kent Street, Sydney NSW