Organising team

Date & Time

Sectalks Perth is usually run on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of the month, with changes to suit the venue. Visit our Meetup group for more the most up to date information on our upcoming events, announcements for events are usually announced 2 weeks prior.


The event is reguarly hosted at Riff, located at 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA, however, this changes from time to time, and recommend you visit our Meetup group to get the most up to date information.

Upcoming meetup

Details of an all our upcoming meetups are posted on our Meetup group, aiming for 2 weeks prior to the event.

How to join

SecTalks Perth is open to everyone, welcoming both experienced veterans of the infosec world, IT specialists, university students, and people who are just wanting to learn more. All you need to do is join the Meetup group, and RSVP to an event.

Up for a challenge

If you are l33t, you may want to solve our l33t entry challenge to get yourself on our l33t mailing list. There is no harm, trying it.

What is the l33t entry challenge?

  1. Follow sectalks on Twitter.
  2. Tweet “@sectalks, V jnaan wbva…”.
  3. The challenge details will be DMed to you.
  4. Have fun and email us the flag.

Note: Twitter doesn’t allow for DM, if you don’t follow @sectalks.

Want to speak?

Whether it is a lightning talk, 10min short presentation, or an hour long hands-on workshop, whether it is your first time to present, SecTalks is a great place to get feedback and improve on. Either fill out the SecTalks Perth CFP, or message any of our event organisers directly.


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