SecTalks is a non-profit community that holds regular presentations and hand-on challenges on information security topics. SecTalks is an Australian initiative and that was established in November 2013 in Perth. Since then it has grown internationally to Asia, Europe, South America and other Australian cities.

Innovative format

SecTalks has a new meetup format. It brings together both theoretical (through discussions and presentations) and practical (through Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges) aspects of security in a 2-3 hour session. SecTalks presentations are focused on new and cutting-edge security related topics. A SecTalks CTF is a single and short CTF challenge. Attendees are teamed up to solve the CTF. The winning team discusses their solution with other teams and creates the next CTF challenge. The objective of the SecTalks CTF challenges is to give people the opportunity to learn and improve their skills. SecTalks has created an open and ‘cool’ environment that attracts beginners, experts, and many people with passion in information security.

Passionate members

SecTalks caters for both security professionals and beginners. It has established a community that has helped to fulfil their passion by improving their knowledge and skills in the field of information security. University students, information security professionals, software engineers, system administrators, and network engineers are among many groups of people who have participated in SecTalks meetups in the past. Everyone who participates in the SecTalks community brings something to contribute. Some create CTF challenges, some organise teams, and others bring their friends to fuel the conversation. Sponsoring enables you to foster those conversations. Free to join and attend Thanks for our sponsors, SecTalks has been, and will continue to be free of charge for members.


SecTalks is about giving and receiving, mentoring and learning. We have created a culture of learning from others. In a SecTalks meetup, people put their ego away and start to share their knowledge. We have created an intimate environment to give people the opportunity to speak out. Everyone with a bit of passion in information security is welcome to attend.

Our Values

Teamwork, humour, having fun, sharing, learning and respect are the key values within the SecTalks community. Since the start, SecTalks has enforced our values during our meetings. While we maintain good humour in all our dealing, we keep SecTalks away from unacceptable behaviours (harassment, stalking, deliberate intimidation, comments on race, sexual orientation, etc.) and low value content (vendor pitch, politics, promotions, commercials, etc.). This has enabled us to create a healthy environment for everyone to join and enjoy.

Reason to support SecTalks

  • Show you care and support a local not for profit community: SecTalks is for the community and is run by volunteers. Each city has, on average, one meetup per month and small (10) to large (180+) number of participants.
  • Contribute to information security community: Without a doubt, there is a lack of expertise in information security. SecTalks is addressing this problem by creating a forum for people to get free guidance and grow. The major benefit to sponsoring SecTalks is knowing that you are contributing to, and encouraging participation in, the local security community.
  • A great place to find new talent: SecTalks is attracting both skilled security professionals and people with great potential that want to take their career to the next step.
  • Raise the awareness of your company profile to a targeted audience: Increase your visibility and brand awareness through the SecTalks website, meetup page, branded CTF prizes, etc.

Sponsorship options

SecTalks is looking for sponsors in the following areas.

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Speakers and CTF creators
  • CTF prizes
  • Bar-tab
  • Social outgoings
  • Cash donations
  • Server and online subscriptions
  • Other

Contact guru@sectalks.org or your local Sectalks organiser for the sponsorship options and benefits.