Organising team

  • JP
  • Perry
  • Cam

Upcoming meetups

Reach out to if you would like to help, present, sponsor or just join in.

You may also want to follow @sectalks_twb on Twitter as updates get posted there.

Date / Time / Location

The meetup page has the latest schedule.

Currently we are hosting hybrid sessions, both in person and virtually. RSVP at the meetup page to get the link.

Looking to present?

We are looking for presenters for the Toowoomba sessions. Please email if you are interested.

But I am new to security, can I still join in?

YES! SecTalks is always open to anyone who is keen to learn hands-on infosec. There will be people willing to mentor you on the day, and you’ll be solving CTF’s in no time flat.


Thanks to our great sponsors for making SecTalks Toowoomba happen.


Acumenis: Sponsor for SecTalks Toowoomba.


Cisco: Sponsor for SecTalks Toowoomba.


USQ: Sponsor for SecTalks Toowoomba.