Add a new page

The following guide will show you how to create a webpage here for your local SecTalks meetup.

This website is socially authored by SecTalks organisers. You need to have a github account. to add your page.

#0. Request for access

Send us your github account to get access for adding or editing pages on SecTalks github pages. The invitations are sent by email and can be accepted at

#1. Create a page

The format of the page is Markdown. Using your favorite text editor, create a new file called

#2. Use a template

Use the following template or check out other cities page.

layout: page
## Contact

* Twitter:
* Email: [](
* IRC:
* Meetup:

## Organising team


## Date & Time

[First Tuseday of each month at 6pm]

## Location


## Looking to present?

[Put details for call for presentions (online form, email address, etc.).]

## Sponsors

Sponsor name and link, what they offer

## Upcoming meetup

[Check out our meetup page or subscribe to our mailinglist, etc]
MEETUP ID, DATE AND TIME (e.g. SYD0x01, 31 Jan 2015)

## How to join

Describe how someone can join. Do they need to go through an entrance challenge? 
How about people new to security?     

## Calendar 

Subscribe to [our calendar]([YOURMEETUP]/events/) to view past and upcoming meetups:

* [iCal](webcal://[YOURMEETUP]/events/ical/)
* [Outlook]([YOURMEETUP]/events/ical/)
* [RSS]([YOURMEETUP]/events/rss/) or [Atom]([YOURMEETUP]/events/atom/)

#3. Submit your page

Once you get your access to SecTalks github pages, go to To add a new page, click on + next to Type in the file name, end with .md in Name your file text field. Copy the content of the file and press on Commit new file.

Once your file is added, you can edit it anytime.

If you don’t know how to do these things, just email us your page.